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SIGNA Sports United is Continental Europe’s leading sports E-commerce platform, operating around 80 webshops in 17 countries across the fast-growing categories of bike, tennis, outdoor, team sports & athleisure. Serving a customer base of approximately 2.9 million active customers, with more than 194 million website visits and more than 4 million net orders in the twelve months ended March 31, 2019, we are the go-to sports online shopping platform for Continental Europe’s sports enthusiasts. In the fiscal year as of September 2018, the platform had a profitable turnover of 442 million euros, up more than 20% to the previous year.

Providing customers access to the best-in-class product assortments in a variety of sports and lifestyle categories, we continue to build and invest in our harmonized growth platform to power our dedicated and market leading category champion destinations.



SIGNA Sports United operates in the large sports retail market, which is characterized by strong growth driven by several mega trends.

SIGNA Sports United is Continental Europe’s market leader in four key categories: bike, outdoor, tennis, team sports and athleisure. The company continues to build and invest in its harmonized growth platform to power its uniquely differentiated category champion destinations. SIGNA Sports United is well positioned to grow with above market rates by leveraging strongly increasing online penetration and consolidating the highly fragmented European sports retail market.

Unlike generalist online retailers with limited to no specific sports category expertise, we focus on providing the best-in-class assortment in our categories and on delivering a superb category-specific customer experience by inspiring, guiding, servicing and engaging our customers. That is why sports enthusiasts choose our webshops as the go-to destinations for their sports related online shopping needs.

Over the past years, SIGNA Sports United has implemented a focused ‘buy and build’ strategy to develop the leading sports E-commerce platform by strengthening the existing propositions of our profitably growing category champion destinations and by acquiring complementary businesses that benefit from economies of scale. In addition, we are continuously evolving and expanding our synergistic growth platform through investment in smart data analytics, joint marketing capabilities, a highly scalable, modular IT infrastructure, an efficient expansion of our warehousing and logistics capabilities, and through the consolidation of shared services functions.

For the mid- to long-term, SIGNA Sports United is already preparing its path into new business models to capture the experience economy. As consumers of tomorrow are forecasted to spend more and more for experiences in addition to physical products, SIGNA Sports United’s value proposition will include more content, value-added services and non-retail offerings. For example, with over 200,000 downloads and more than 80% active users, the myTennis app from Tennis-Point is already the most popular and fastest growing 360° online tennis destination in Europe. Tennis fans and players are coached, accompanied, inspired and motivated in a custom real-time experience that covers all aspects of the game. Another example is SIGNA Sports United’s strategic alliance with digital innovation leaders soccerwatch.TV and TRACKTICS with the objective of providing digitalization support to clubs in amateur sports. The offering includes a fully automated, AI-based camera system that allows recording of activity at the game for live reporting, social media content production, and expanded, customized game and data analysis provided by its partners.

SIGNA Sports United informs, inspires, advises, and networks athletic communities with the clear aspiration of refining the entire sport ecosystem also digitally. These partnerships and non-retail experience offerings are symbolic for SIGNA Sports United’s strategic goal of building up the #1 sports experience platform for athletes, clubs, fans, associations, and other sport enthusiasts. They will lead the way to enhance the platform’s already strong revenue and profit pools and underpin the vision to become global #1 sports experience platform in the near future.


As we work towards continuously driving long-term profitable growth, we are planning to:

  • Continuously invest in our core businesses to leverage the strong organic growth in the sports online retail market
  • Selectively build out and expand our European geographical reach across our existing sports and outdoor categories
  • Invest in complementary product categories and sub-categories
  • Continuously develop our multichannel offerings by driving 360° customer experiences, adding more features and selectively expanding our customer touch points
  • Make bolt-on acquisitions to strengthen our category champion positions in existing or new markets across Europe
  • Leverage new technologies to expand our value propositions within the current value chain and beyond
  • In the mid- to longer-term, find further appropriate partners to expand our propositions to the U.S.

Our strategy is driven by our vision of building the #1 Global Sports Experience Platform.